Global warming Tropical temperatures
The observational record since the late 1970's (when true global observations of temperature and trace constituents from satellite became available) provides an exciting challenge to disentangle errors in the observational records and in model formulations, to improve our theoretical understanding of the climate system, and to detect "climate change". (More coming soon.)

Stratospheric Water Tape recorder
The exceptionally low temperatures at the tropical tropopause constrain water entering the stratosphere - a fact known since Brewer's seminal paper in 1949. However, the details of the dehydration process remain incompletely understood. We analyse and interpret observations with model calculations using the "advection - condensation" paradigm ... read more ...

Clouds Cloud
Clouds strongly modify Earth's energy balance and are of paramount importance for climate. We are particularly interested in the interaction between the general circulation and cloud microphysical and dynamical processes that control the global cloud distributions ... read more ...

Kelvin waves Hovmoller
Kelvin waves in the tropical atmosphere are large-scale (wavelengths of order 1000km) gravity waves that originate in the tropical troposphere and propagate upwards into the stratosphere. We are particularly interested in their transition from tropospheric, convectively coupled waves, to stratospheric, free traveling waves ... read more about Tom Flannaghan's thesis project.

Tracers and Dynamics Ozone
The distribution of radiatively active trace constituents controls the atmosphere's radiative properties, which in turn affects the atmospheric circulation. Of particular interest are radiatively active, short lived trace constituents like clouds, water vapor, and ozone. Here, we discuss the importance of the interaction between ozone and dynamics in the lower stratosphere ... (more coming soon)

Tropical Tropopause Layer TTL
Much of our work is in one way or another related to the tropical tropopause layer (TTL), the tranistion from the troposphere to the stratosphere in the tropics. The TTL shares properties of both the troposphere and stratosphere, but also has unique aspects ... read more ...

Water beyond the stratosphere Cloud
The importance of water for Earth's climate can hardly be overstated; our interests focus on its impact on atmospheric radiation and thermodynamics. Read more ...