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Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1006
Office Phone:  (609) 258-4485
Office location:  Rm. 241, Seventy-Nine Hall
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Full name:  Jeffrey Lee Stout
Title:  Professor of Religion
Born: September 11, 1950, Trenton, NJ
Married: June 2, 1973, to Sally Jane Starkey
Children: Suzannah Elizabeth Stout (1977), Noah Jonathan Stout (1980), Samuel Livingston Stout (1983)

1968-72: Brown University. A.B., magna cum laude et cum honoribus, religious studies, 1972.
1972-76: Princeton University, Ph.D., religion, 1976.

1975-76: Instructor of Religion, Princeton University
1976-77:  Melancthon Jacobus Instuctor of Religion, Princeton University
1977-83: Assistant Professor of Religion, Princeton University
1983-88: Associate Professor of Religion, Princeton University
1988-  :  Professor of Religion, Princeton University
1989-92:  Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, Princeton University
1992-99:  Chair, Department of Religion, Princeton University
2002-03:  Acting Chair, Department of Religion, Princeton University

Member:  Department of Religion
Associated Faculty Status:  Philosophy, Politics, Center for Human Values, Center for the Study of Religion

Phi Beta Kappa (1972)
Harvey A. Baker Fellowship (1972-75), awarded by Brown University to a graduating senior for the pursuit of graduate studies
Class Orator, Brown University Commencement (1972)
American Coucil of Learned Societies Fellowship for Recent Recipients of the Ph.D. (1979-80)
John Witherspoon Bicentennial Preceptorship, Princeton University (1981-84)
Project Director, I.B.M. Grant, Department of Religion, Princeton University [for using computers in writing and evaluating research papers by undergraduate majors] (1984-5)
Mellon Professor in the Humanities (1989-92)
American Academy of Religion Award for Book Excellence, 1989, for Ethics after Babel.
Project Co-Director (with P. Adams Sitney), "Cinema and Religious Expression," sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religion (2000-2001).
American Academy of Religion Award for Book Excellence, 2004, for Democracy and Tradition.
Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2008).

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, member
American Academy of Religion, member (president, 2007)
Board of Trustees, Anthology Film Archives (2009-)
Society of Christian Ethics, member
Contributing Editor, Journal of Religious Ethics, 2002-
Chair, Board of Trustees, Journal of Religious Ethics (until January, 2002)
Board of Trustees, Journal of Religious Ethics
Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Ethics
Editorial Advisory Board, Encyclopedia of Ethics
Co-editor (with Wayne Proudfoot and Nicholas Wolterstorff), Cambridge University Press Series on Religion and Critical Thought
Editorial Board, Princeton University Press, 2000-2004 (Chair, 2004)
Board of Trustees, Princeton University Press, 2000-2004
Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees, Princeton University Press, December 2002-December 2004
Editorial Board, Contemporary Pragmatism, 2004-

Editorial Board, Theology Today, 2007-.


The Flight from Authority: Religion, Morality, and the Quest for Autonomy.  Vol. 1 in the series, Revisions, ed. Alasdair MacIntyre and Stanley Hauerwas.  Notre Dame, Indiana:  University of Notre Dame Press, 1981.  Paperback edition, 1987.

Ethics after Babel:  The Languages of Morals and Their Discontents.  Boston:  Beacon Press, 1988.  U.K. edition, James Clark, 1990.  Paperback edition, 1990.  Winner of the 1989 American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence.  Expanded edition published in January, 2001, Princeton University Press, with a new postscript by the author.

Democracy and Tradition (Princeton:  Princeton University Press in association with Hebrew Union College Press, 2004).  Paperback edition, 2005.
Winner of the 2004 American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence.
Russian translation in progress:
Moskow, Russia:  Progress/Tradition Publishers.

Grammar and Grace:  Reformulations of Aquinas and Wittgenstein, edited by Robert MacSwain and Jeffrey Stout (SCM Press, 2004).

In preparation:   Blessed Are the Organized (tentative title, Princeton University Press).  

Longterm projects:  books on religion and film, religion and critical thought.

Co-editor (with Wayne Proudfoot and Nicholas Wolterstorff), Cambridge University Press Series on Religion and Critical Thought
    Including the following edited volumes:
    1.  Van Harvey, Feuerbach and the Interpretation of Religion.  1997
    2.  Nicholas Wolterstorff, John Locke and the Ethics of Belief.  1996
    3.  Jennifer A. Herdt, Religion and Faction in Hume's Moral Philosophy. 1997
    4.  Richard J. Bernstein, Freud and the Legacy of Moses.  1998
    5.  David C. Lamberth, William James and the Metaphysics of Experience. 1999
    6.  John Bowlin, Contingency and Fortune in Aquinas's Ethics.  1999
    7.  Timothy P. Jackson, Love Disconsoled.  1999
    8.  William D. Hart, Edward Said and the Religious Effects of Culture.  2000
    9.  Amy Laura Hall, Kierkegaard and the Treachery of Love.  2002


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Forthcoming articles and chapters:

 "The Concept of Religion," in a volume on the study of religion being co-edited by Brad Verter.
“Rorty on Religion and Politics,” in the Library of Living Philosophers volume devoted to Richard Rorty.
German translation of "What Is the Meaning of a Text?" to appear in Moderne Interpretationstheorie, edited by Tom Kindt and Tilmann Köppe (Göttingen, Germany:  Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht)



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Director of Graduate Studies, 6 yrs.
Director of I.B.M. Computer Project, 1 yr.
Departmental Representative (directs undergraduate program), 2 yrs.
Leader of Lounge Seminars, 3 yrs.
Chair, 1992-99.
Chair of search committee, 2000-01.
Departmental Representative to Society of Fellows selection process, 2001-02.
Acting Chair, 2002-2003.
Departmental Committee on Undergraduate Studies, 2003-04.
Departmental Committee on Graduate Studies, current.


Search Committee for Director of Visual Arts Program, 2007-08.
Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer (2 years)

Faculty Fellow, Rockefeller College, 1991-  .

Political Philosophy Committee, 1986-  .
Executive Committee, Center for Human Values, 1991-2003.
Faculty Representative, Men's Soccer, 1997- .
Editorial Board, Princeton University Press, 2000-  (Chair, 2004).
Board of Trustees, Princeton University Press, 2000-2004.
Executive Committee, Center for the Study of Religion, 2001-03.
Society of Fellows, 2002-03.
Committee for Film Studies, 2002-.
Campus Life Committee, 2003-04. 
Committee on Visual Arts, 2005-7.
Humanities Council Task-force, 2005.
Faculty Committee on Athletics, 2005-2007.
Senior Fellow, Human Values Forum.



Undergraduate Religion Courses:  Religion and Ethical Theory; Religion and Its Critics; Christian Ethics and Modern Society;  Religion and Contemporary Philosophy:  Dewey, Heidegger, and Wittgenstein; Religion in Modern Thought and Film.

Graduate Religion Courses: Philosophy and the Study of Religion, Religion and the Tradition of Social Theory, Studies in Theology, Studies in Religion and Philosophy, Studies in Religion and Morality.

Undergraduate Humanities Course:  Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.

Religion and Visual Arts:  Religion and Cinema (co-taught with P. Adams Sitney, Visual Arts).

Graduate Humanities Course:  Social Criticism (co-taught with David Bromwich, English).

Freshman Seminars:  Comparative Ethics, The Sporting Spirit, Sports and Value.

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