We are dedicated to promoting a sense of community among female B.S.E. students, professors, and alumnae of Princeton and introducing younger girls to the various opportunities offered by studying engineering.

We hold study breaks and other social events throughout the year for interested students. Our calendar also includes various industry outreach opportunities.

Traditionally, engineering has been thought of as being predominantly male. Although this trend is reversing, in general, engineering has much greater salary parity between men and women than most other fields. Engineers are at the forefront of the development of the technology that drives our society forward. It is our aim to continue to promote these fields to women who might not have considered studying them, and to offer support to the women who do.


Madeline Travnik

MAE 2018

Kathy Fan

COS 2019

Emily McDonnell

Girl Scouts Community Outreach Chair
MAE 2020

Megan Whitley

Girl Scouts Community Outreach Chair
CBE 2020

Elisabeth Juechser

High School Engineering Day Community Outreach Chair
CBE 2020

Raje Enjeti

High School Engineering Day Community Outreach Chair
CBE 2019

Molly Plissner

ORFE 2018

Shannon Oscher

Industry Outreach Chair
CBE 2019

Grace Guan

ORFE 2020

Nicole Neville

Membership Chair
CBE 2018

Audrey Cheng

Membership Chair
ORFE 2020

Dionne Chen

Publicity Chair
ORFE 2020


Every semester we hold a Girl Scouts Event and a High School Colloquium to introduce more girls to engineering! Keep an eye out for these events which normally occur around November/December and March/April. Registration goes live about a month in advance so make sure you check back!

At two Girl Scouts Events each year, local girls earn science and technology badges with members of our club. At our High School Colloquiums we help introduce high school students to the various branches of engineering and offer an insight into these fields that they might otherwise not consider studying.

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