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Dillon Gym Classes Tai Chi classes are offered at Princeton University's Dillon Gym. The Wednesday evening class is taught by Master Wonchull Park.

A Dillon Gym class description and schedule is available from the Campus Recreation Group & Instructional Programs web page. Questions about registration for these classes should be directed to Campus Recreation Group & Instructional Programs. However, we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions on our Registrations page.

Sunday Classes Classes are also held on Sunday mornings, in the large hall of the Carl A. Fields Centre, taught by Master Park. The class is free to university members. There are two consecutive classes: the first is on Chen form with some applications, and the second covers applications with sword form and spear form.
        10am-11am          Chen form
        11am-12noon     Applications, sword, spear.
        Large hall (#104), Carl A. Fields Center (map)
Practice Sessions The Princeton Tai Chi Club holds practice sessions on Sunday mornings, 10am-12noon, at the (Carl A. Field Centre, Princeton University) throughout the year. The practice sessions are in association with the classes of Master Won Park. Practice sessions are informal: you are welcome to come at any time and to stay as for as long as you want! A session may include warm-up exercises, form practice, push-hands and martial arts applications. Practices are held weekly unless otherwise advised. All schedule changes (e.g. during semester breaks) are announced on our mailing list. Please contact us for current details or to be added to our mailing list for weekly updates.
Other Classes Master Wonchull Park, who teaches the Wednesday class at Dillon Gym, also offers other classes. Details of these classes are available at Master Park's Wuwei Taiji school website.

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