Student Feedback

Two feedback pages are available. Short anonymous feedback, collected by the Phys. Ed. program from the Fall 2004 Wednesday Tai Chi class, is shown below in its entirety. Comments pertain to the instruction by Master Park and teaching assistants from the club.

Detailed feedback, from students of the Spring 2004 class and collected by the club, is also available.

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  • Incredible stress reduction; comfortable environment; teacher/assistants very knowledgeable; applications in everyday life (conscious relaxation)

  • I very much enjoyed the fusion of form, philosphy and application in this course.

  • Good health exercise, both physcial and mental. Open[s] new, interesting opportunities, new concepts applicable to almost everything in life.

  • The best PE class I've ever taken.

  • Despite getting very litte sleep this semester, I managed to avoid getting sick. I think Tai Chi played a part. The stress reducing and coping skills I learned have definitely helped me lead a more healthful life.

  • Very relaxing, principles can be applied to aspects of everyday life. Very knowledgable, experienced instructors.

  • This class teach[es] a great martial art, a great health exercise and a useful everyday life method.

  • Teaching old Tai Chi with modern language.

  • The depth of the instruction.

  • Our teacher really deeply understands Tai Chi and is passionate about it.

  • Won uses his knowledge of physics to explain Tai Chi without evoking esoteric concepts.

  • Logical approach; encouragement of investigation and reflection; focus on relaxation; connection with everyday life; mix of form, applications, philosophy and discussion. First few classes were particularly good

  • [Request for] an additional practice session during the week, as I could rarely make the first one due to class

  • [Suggestion for] more emphasis and time on the application section.

  • [Suggestion for] an advanced Tai Chi taught by Master Park

  • A wonderful class!

  • Amazing teacher!

  • Tai Chi is not easy to learn. Won is the best Tai Chi teacher I have ever had.

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and look forward to further study of Tai Chi

  • I have enjoyed this class a great deal and I believe I have gained much from it, although there is always more.

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