Tiffany bogich


As a mathematician turned ecologist, my primary interest is in the application of quantitative tools to solving ecological problems. I am interested not only in describing macroecological patterns, but also in understanding the mechanisms and underlying drivers behind those patterns. Additionally, I am fascinated by questions of management, particularly under situations of uncertainty. I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow based at Princeton University, funded through the NIH/Fogarty International RAPIDD (Research And Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics) program.  My current research focuses on modelling the complexities of  disease transmission in the face of multiple interacting hosts, pathogens, and their environment.

Research Summary

Tiffany Bogich, PhD         Ecol & Evo Biology Princeton University   106A Guyot Hall    Princeton, NJ 08544           

(609) 258-7523


Quantitative ecology with applications in infectious disease dynamics, conservation, and invasion biology