Free fMRI Analysis Software:

The Princeton Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis (MVPA) Toolbox is a set of Matlab tools to facilitate multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI neuroimaging data.  The code is open source, available free of charge from this site:

Princeton MVPA Toolbox

The Princeton Full Correlation Matrix Analysis (FCMA) Toolbox is a suite of tools for correlating, analyzing, and classifying patterns of correlation in fMRI time-series data.  The FCMA Toolbox is available free of charge from this site:

Princeton FCMA Toolbox

Free Computational Modeling Software:

The following computational models of cognitive control have been generated by our project, and are provided here free of charge for use by any interested researchers.  These models each correspond to one of our project-derived publications, and their code with instructions for use can be downloaded as a zip archive via Dropbox by clicking on the citation for each corresponding paper below:

  1. (1) Shenhav, A., Botvinick, M. M., & Cohen, J. D. (2013). The expected value of control: An integrative theory of anterior cingulate cortex function.  Neuron, 279, 217-240.

  2. (2) Solway, A., Diuk, C., Cordova, N., Yee, D., Barto, Niv, Y. & Botvinick, M. (2014). Optimal behavioral hierarchy.  PLOS Computational Biology, 10, e1003779.

  3. (3) Wilson, R.C., Geana, A., White, J.M., Ludvig, E.A. & Cohen, J.D. (2014). Humans use directed and random exploration to solve the explore-exploit dilemma. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143(6), 2074–2081.

Positions Available:

[October 2015]: We hope to soon have positions available for new research assistants who would work on a three-year renewal of this project, beginning winter 2015.  Please check back here again at a later date.

Funding Information:

More information about our project’s sponsor can be found here:

The John Templeton Foundation

Grant ID#36751
Project Dates: 08/01/12 - 07/31/15
Grant Amount: $3,986,094

Contact Info:

For more information about this project or currently available positions, please contact:

Leigh Nystrom, Ph.D.

Director, Scully Center for the Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior

Co-Director, Neuroscience of Cognitive Control Laboratory

Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ  08544

email: nystrom <at> princeton <dot> edu