Free fMRI Analysis Software:

The Princeton Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis (MVPA) Toolbox is a set of Matlab tools to facilitate multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI neuroimaging data.  The code is open source, available free of charge from this site:

Princeton MVPA Toolbox

The Princeton Full Correlation Matrix Analysis (FCMA) Toolbox is a suite of tools for correlating, analyzing, and classifying patterns of correlation in fMRI time-series data.  The FCMA Toolbox is available free of charge from this site:

Princeton FCMA Toolbox

Positions Available:

[February 2015]: We hope to soon have positions available for new research assistants who would work on a three-year renewal of this project, beginning summer/fall 2015.  Please check back here again at a later date.

Funding Information:

More information about our project’s sponsor can be found here:

The John Templeton Foundation

  1. Grant ID#36751
    Project Dates: 08/01/12 - 07/31/15
    Grant Amount: $3,986,094

Contact Info:

For more information about this project or currently available positions, please contact:

  1. Leigh Nystrom, Ph.D.

  2. Director, Scully Center for the Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior

  3. Co-Director, Neuroscience of Cognitive Control Laboratory

  4. Princeton Neuroscience Institute

  5. Princeton University

  6. Princeton, NJ  08544

  7. email: nystrom <at> princeton <dot> edu