The game is a series of puzzles leading you through a course. Clues are sometimes physical objects that teams should investigate in every way they can think of to learn about them in order to solve the puzzle; other times they are paper puzzles. Experience can be helpful, but so too are new ideas and an open mind. If, however, your team gets stuck and cannot solve a clue, don't panic! Consult your packet. Hints have also been prepared for each clue, and these hints may be requested, in exchange for a time penalty; remember, it is a race!

These are more guidelines than actual rules.

Be careful with your clues. You may need them later. Do not damage a clue unless you are sure it is the correct path to follow. Make sure you've investigated all your options.

Although it is a violation of the rules to take (or give) information from another team, it has happened in the past that teams have been misled by information gleaned from others. For this reason you should be especially wary of anything you learn from others, no matter how genuine or simple the information seems.

Finally, remember to investigate each clue completely. The answers are often obvious. All clues are designed so that once you have successfully solved them, you should be confident that you have done it correctly.

So work as a team and have fun. That's what it's really all about.