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"The Frog Pond Revisted: High School Academic Context, Class Rank, and Elite College Admission," T.J. Espenshade, L.E. Hale, and C.Y. Chung, Sociology of Education, October 2005, 78(4):269-293.  Full Article  

"The Opportunity Cost of Admission Preferences at Elite Universities," T.J. Espenshade and C.Y. Chung, Social Science Quarterly, June 2005, 86(2):293-305.  Full Article

"Admission Preferences for Minority Students, Athletes, and Legacies at Elite Universities," T.J. Espenshade, C.Y. Chung, and J.L. Walling, Social Science Quarterly, December 2004, 85(5):1422-1446.  Full Article


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