Thomas J. Espenshade



Campus Life in America Student Survey (CLASS Project)

The CLASS project is a study aimed at improving educational outcomes for all students attending racially and ethnically diverse colleges and universities. The study asks three questions: (1) how engaged are today’s undergraduates in diversity-related experiences; (2) how do students evaluate those experiences; and (3) what can colleges and universities do from the standpoint of their policies and programs to maximize the educational benefits of diversity. Data for the first wave of the CLASS project have been gathered from more than 12,000 freshman and juniors in the fall of 2004. Freshmen in 2004 were reinterviewed in Fall 2006. These data have been supplemented by on-campus interviews with roughly 100 campus administrators. The CLASS projected is supported with funds from the Ford Foundation.



September 26, 2005





Department of Sociology      Office of Population Research      Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs