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Recent Articles

“New Approaches to Human Mobility: Using Mobile Phones for Demographic Research,” J.R.B. Palmer, T.J. Espenshade, et al., Demography, June 2013, 50(3): 1105-1128. doi: 10.1007/s13524-012-0175-z. Full Article

“Does the ‘Mismatch Hypothesis’ Apply to Hispanic Students at Selective Colleges?” J.W. Golann, K. Gentsch, C.Y. Chung, and T.J. Espenshade.  Pp. 209-228 in Billie Gastic and Richard R. Verdugo, eds., The Education of the Hispanic Population: Selected Essays, volume 2 in a series on The Hispanic Population in the United States, 2013. Full Article

"Growing Elitism,” in a Chronicle Forum “Has Higher Education Become an Engine of Inequality?” Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle Review, July 6, 2012, p. B9. 
Full Article

"Population Momentum Across the Demographic Transition,” L. Blue and T.J. Espenshade, Population and Development Review, December 2011, 37(4): 721-747.
Full Article

"On Nonstable and Stable Population Momentum," T.J. Espenshade, A.S. Olgiati, and S.A. Levin, Demography, November 2011, 48(4): 1581-1599. (Published online 27 September 2011, Full Article

"Diversity Outcomes of Test-Optional Policies ," T.J. Espenshade and C.Y. Chung, in Joseph A. Soares, (Ed.), SAT Wars, The Case for Test-Optional Admissions, New York: Teachers College Press, 2011, 177-200.  Full Article

"Evaluative Judgments Vs. Bias in College Admissions," T.J. Espenshade and A.W. Radford,, August 11, 2010.  Full Article

"A New Manhattan Project,” T.J. Espenshade and A.W. Radford, “Views”—Inside Higher Ed, November 12, 2009.  Full Article

"The Frog Pond Revisted: High School Academic Context, Class Rank, and Elite College Admission," T.J. Espenshade, L.E. Hale, and C.Y. Chung, Sociology of Education, October 2005, 78(4):269-293.  Full Article

"Self-Efficacy, Stress, and Academic Success in College," A. Zajacova, S.M. Lynch, and T.J. Espenshade, Research in Higher Education, September 2005, 46(6):677-706. 
Full Article

"The Opportunity Cost of Admission Preferences at Elite Universities," T.J. Espenshade and C.Y. Chung, Social Science Quarterly, June 2005, 86(2):293-305.  Full Article

"Admission Preferences for Minority Students, Athletes, and Legacies at Elite Universities," T.J. Espenshade, C.Y. Chung, and J.L. Walling, Social Science Quarterly, December 2004, 85(5):1422-1446.  Full Article

"The Surprising Global Variation in Replacement Fertility," T.J. Espenshade, J.C. Guzman, and C.F. Westoff, Population Research and Policy Review, December 2003, 22(5-6):575-583.  Full Article



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