Alexandru Petrescu (tpetresc ∂ princeton · edu)

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I am a postdoctoral research associate with Prof. Hakan Türeci in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.

I completed my PhD at Yale and École Polytechnique under the supervision of Prof. Karyn Le Hur. My thesis is available on HAL and was defended in August 2015 in front of a committee presided by Prof. S. M. Girvin.

My interests lie at the interface of condensed matter theory (in particular, topological phases, low-dimensional systems, strongly correlated phases of matter, superconductivity and mesoscopic physics) and quantum information (circuit quantum electrodynamics, superconducting qubits). I address these problems through a range of analytical methods (low-dimensional bosonization, a variety of mean-field/variational methods, and perturbative expansions) and numerical methods (density matrix renormalization group, exact diagonalization, numerical solutions of master equations for open quantum systems).

Preprints on arXiv. Google scholar