UFO Trailer Guidelines
  • Please make all trailers no longer than one minute and thirty seconds (1:30).
  • Submit a final copy in electronic form to the UFO Interclub Liaison (Quicktime is preferred) at least 1 week before the date(s) you would like it to be shown. This is so that the trailer can be previewed and edited as needed.
  • After the trailer and screening dates are approved it should be submitted in DVD format to the UFO Interclub Liaison, at least three days before it is to be played. The name of the organization as well as the specific dates it has been approved for should be written on the outside of the DVD very clearly.
  • The number of trailers we can play on one night is usually limited so those organizations that contact the trailer coordinator first will be given preference. An organization can only book two sequential weekends at a time as to be fair to other organizations.
  • Any questions or concerns should be directed to the UFO Interclub Liaison, Angelica N Harris. at aharris@princeton.edu.

UFO is a subsidiary of USG
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