Sherry Li ‘15


Lyra Olson ‘16

Captain, intense

Jane Urheim ‘17

Captain, tall

Angela Liu ‘15

“Mangelina Jolie”, Webwitch

Kaitlyn Yin ‘15


Jean Wang ‘16


Rachel Roberts ‘16

"Strebs", President

Sally Yu ‘16

Social Chair

Victoria Higgins ‘16

"VICTO", Social Chair

Grace Hack '16


Julianna Wright ‘17

Social chair

Emily Rogers ‘16


Evelyn Ding ‘17

"Thing 1 or 2"

Pleasant Garner ‘17

"hipster clothes"

Lia Hankla ‘17

"ANTM cycle 17"

Margaret Wang ‘17


Nora Bradley ‘18


Annie Chen ‘18

"the smolder"

Lindsey Conlan ‘18


Susannah Crowell ‘18

"Lily Collins"

Karen Feng ‘18

"Stone jaguar"

Sonia Howlett ‘18

"ANTM cycle 18"

Katherine Pizano ‘18


Linhchi Nguyen ‘18

"mysterious cat"

Nancy Wu ‘18

"Wu-Tang clan", "Nanners"

Tianay Zeigler ‘18

"Ice T-ianay"

Amy Tai GS


Madison Bush '14

"Madbush", Captain

Jen Kim '14

"JK", Captain

Sherry Li '15

"Sherbear", Captain

Angela Liu '15


Kaitlyn Yin '15


Victoria Higgins '16

"Victo", Social Chair

Lyra Olson '16

"Bane", "Yoga Master"

Rachel Roberts '16


Emily Rogers '16

"The Rogers"

Jean Wang '16


Sally Yu '16

"The Flash"

Evelyn Ding '17

"F for Forbes"

Bo Hadzhiyska '17


Lia Hankla '17


Jane Urheim '17


Margaret Wang '17


Julianna Wright '17


Amy Tai GS


Kristin Franke

"Mrs. Franke", Coach

Rachel Chen '13


Hannah Vasquez '13

"last one there"

Julia Yue '13

" Juju, J-Glow, JUILA"

Lucy Lee '14

"Luce, Australian"

Madison Bush '14

"Mad Bush"

Jen Kim '14


Evaline Cheng '14


Grace Hack '15


Sherry Li '15

"The Eagle, Sherbear"

Angela Liu '15


Ola Oladosu '15

"The Shimmy"

Kaitlyn Yin '15


Rachel Bergman '16


Victoria Higgins '16


Lyra Olson '16


Rachel Roberts '16


Emily Rogers '16


Jean Wang '16


Sally Yu '16

"other Australian"

Kelly Weeks '12

"KWeeks, K-Weezy"

Kelly Weeks: "Bzzzt." She is the sexiest dancer on the team. Seriously. Ask her to show you the Kelly dance. But be warned, that may lead to an awkward situation, in which this panda's response is to lift her shirt to cover her head, not realizing that this exposes the rest of her. She can be most often spotted skying bitches left and right.

Emily Tseng '14


Emily can usually be found with no shirt, no shoes, and she still gets service.

Laura Bock '12


Bock has a very serious, untreatable disease that causes her to use the phrase "YOLO" whenever and wherever possible...and often impossible. If you find yourself with Bock and hear her use YOLO inappropriately, please remember to be sensitive to her condition. Badadada, badadada, badadadabadadadabadadadaBOOOOCK. Sherry: "Bock is awkwardly social."

Lucy Lee '14

"Luce, the Foreigner, the girl with the accent"

G'Day mate! She boxes like a kangaroo, cuddles like a koala, eats her shrimp off the barbie and will take all your Nutella. That last one wasn't about her being Australian, that's just because she's vicious, like the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. She claims that her ferocity is directly proportional to Vegemite intake, so maybe it does have to do with her Australian-ness after all. But for real. She's a Wildcat.

Sarah Plummer '12

"Splummer, Splums, Splum-a-lum, Splumdog Millionaire"

More commonly known as Splummer, she can often be spotted wearing a frog hat or petting a chinchilla. She also attracts nerds like a lamp attracts moths that are desperate to mate in the one glorious day they are given on this earth. We like to call her the "siren of the nerds".

Madison Bush '14


Madison is aggressive, both on the field and on the dance floor. If you're going for a disc or are an attractive male or worse, both, beware.

Ming Lu '12

"the female Yao Ming"

Yes, folks, tall Asians do exist and we have a fine specimen to prove it. Her hobbies include saving money (read: starving us in Georgia) and being praying-mantis-like (read: if Ming were an insect, she would be a praying mantis). Who knew praying mantiseseseses only liked blonde engineers?

Jen Kim '14

"JK, Baby J, baddest mother on the block"

Despite having the inches to make Rachel feel more comfortable about her height (or lack thereof), Jen Kim is going to D you. Assuming she can hear the up call.

Sara Nason '12

"Snason, Snase"

We still get confused when someone says "Sara" because we only know her as Snason. Known for her sick breaks, she will will throw under your outstretched arms with the ease of a panda master. Don't forget to check out the rock on her ring finger while you're getting broken. #engaged

Evaline Cheng '14

"EC, Evvy"

Our first memories of Evaline are her lying on the floor, shaking about, pretending to be fried bacon. After getting to know her over the past year, we can't say there's much else to know, except that she makes cuts that we can only dream of. She's the classiest-looking girl you'll meet, till she puts on her mark face. #girlfriendofteamboyfriend

Rachel Chen '13

"Rachey, Wachel"

Rachel may be one of the more (read: most) vertically-challenged players on our team, but she's definitely not short on smiles, eating capabilities, or ACL surgeries. When she's wearing ultimate gear, we often lose Rachel and confuse her for a 12-year-old boy. When not, she's usually referred to as "the token hot Asian girl on the sidelines".

Xixia Wang '14


[Info redacted]

Julia Yue '13

"Juju, J-Glow, Jules"

Julia puts in the blood, sweat and tears. But mostly sweat. Butt sweat. Her gluteus maximus is the hardest working player on the team, and it shows. Julia is terrible at interviewing. Thankfully, her shortcomings are limited to operating Google+ and being well-informed about the Ultimate community. She can dictate both the offense and the dinner table. The area between Julia and a disc and/or a piece of food is the most dangerous place you could be. #itsmoredangerousbetweenherandfood #muchmore #justsayin? "I'm sexy and I know it!" -Julia

Sherry Li '15

"Sherry, Sherbear, Sherby, BP, Mimi"

Sherry has soccer goalkeeper instincts and uses them to awkwardly layout sideways to catch the disc. Sherry has brought our team significantly closer. We can now talk about pandas openly and without shame. We're not sure what impact this has on our ultimate game yet, but at least we're getting sweet PANDAMONIUM tanks out of it.

Hannah Vazquez '13

"HQuez, B-dubs"

The real Hannah Vazquez is full of sthpunk, sthyle, and culthural referenthes. Hannah enjoys sthlumbering, wearing her onethsie and listhp-inducing retainer, and hucking the disthc ridiculousthly far. Hannah is the team expert on Harry Potter. Beware making Potter references, if they're wrong she will correct you. Of course, she probably had to correct your grammar anyways.

Angela Liu '15

"Speedy, Usain Bolt, Boss"

She jogs her out cut, you blink, and she's burned you on the in cut, Usain Bolt-style. You thought she was slow? Think again. This speed demon gets run-through D's like taking candy from a baby: take the candy really fast and walk away before it has a chance to cry. NBD.

Min Yi '15

"how can we shorten "Min"???, girl with the sticky rice fingers"

Min used to be a softball player before she saw the light and joined Clockwork. You would think that catching something flat would require a slightly different skill set than catching a softball, but apparently not, because Min uses her sticky rice panda fingers to grab the shit that we throw at her.

Kaitlyn Yin '15


Kaitlyn may look and run like a lady, but she can flick huck farther than you can run (unless you're Bock/Angela/Juju). What sets Kaitlyn apart is the high number of friends she has outside of the ultimate team (she has a posse, people) - but then again, it's only her first year.

Hannah Sosebee '15

"Diversity Pick 2012"

Don't let the fact that Hannah was our diversity pick for the Class of 2015 fool you into thinking she's just some cute, fluffy white girl we keep around to avoid looking like a rogue chapter of the CSA. Hannah will burn you in and break you (both your mark and your spirit) and when one of her teammates [not her] turns it, she will get it back on D.


The Class of 2011

Danielle Connelly
Kathy Huang
Nina Ran
Snow Li
Soha Shah
Yu-Han Hsu

The Class of 2010

Katherine Thompson
Talia Chapman
Veronica Pillar

The Class of 2009

Anita Ma
Dhwani Shah
Jen Lee
Lucy Guarnera
Rachel Bernard
Rachel Sachs
Stephanie Kriston
Vicki Chen