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Attaching Devices to Live Systems

Note that not all devices can be attached to a live system. Check your system documentation before attempting the following procedure.

The following assumes that the device in question can be seen by the system. It is possible that a reset will be required to see a new SCSI device.

Several commands can help bring a device online under these circumstances:

  • drvconfig: This command constructs files in /devices for the new device. Entries in several configuration files are used in this process: /etc/minor_perm, /etc/name_to_major, /etc/driver_classes.
  • devlinks: This command creates the links from the /dev directory to the corresponding /devices file.
  • disks: disks creates links in /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk corresponding to disk devices in the /devices directory.
  • tapes: tapes creates links in /dev/rmt corresponding to tape devices in the /devices directory.

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