Unitarian Universalist Campus Community

Searching for truth, Supporting each other, Welcoming to all!


The Unitarian Universalist Campus Community is a group of young adults from Princeton University and the surrounding communities. However, we welcome visitors of all ages, too.


Our group creates a space for individuals to search for their own truth and meaning. We include people from all sorts of religious backgrounds. Some of us are life long Unitarian Universalists.  Some of us discovered Unitarian Universalism later on. Some of us still identify with other religious traditions or no religion at all. All levels of commitment are welcome to join us.


We believe that religious and personal truths are best found within the context of a loving community that encourages our questions, challenges our assumptions, and deepens our gifts. The Unitarian Universalist tradition is radically inclusive, centered on creating justice in the world and committed to the freedom of each person to find meaning in life without dogmatic constraints.


We don’t claim to have all the answers to life’s greatest questions because we believe that everyone has a right to their own answers. In this spirit, we come together to be inspired rather than indoctrinated. We don’t have to think alike to love alike.


The binding force behind our group and behind liberal religion in general is the value of community. Searching for truth with the support of other free thinkers is one way that we find hope and healing in the world.



For more information, contact our chaplain: Rev. Christine Reed, reed “at” uuprinceton “dot” org

Or contact one of the group leaders: Jessica Burrows, burrows “at” uuprinceton “dot” org

                                                     Thomas Lipp ’08, tlipp “at” princeton “dot” edu



Open Doors 2/23/02




While there have been Unitarians and Universalists at Princeton for many decades (if not centuries), our group in its current form was founded by Reverend Donna DiSciulla in 1989 with the help of Princeton students. Reverend DiSciulla served as our chaplain until her retirement in 2000. “Rev. Donna” was beloved by students and all who knew her. Following Rev. Donna’s retirement, Jessie Washington stepped in to provide warm and inspiring leadership as our chaplain for two years. In the 2003-2004 academic year Fay Elliot Moore served as our chaplain, providing warm and inspiring leadership. For the last couple years, Rev. Christine Reed, the minister of religious education at the UU Congregation of Princeton, serves as our chaplain with the assistance of numerous volunteers from the church.




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