IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
A. R. Calderbank, Editor-in-Chief

Information Theory: 1948-1998 Commemorative Issue
S. Verdú, Guest Editor

S. I. Amari (Riken, Tokyo) and T. S. Han (Univ. Electrocommunications, Tokyo)
"Statistical Inference under Multiterminal Data Compression"

A. Barron (Yale Univ.), J. Rissanen (IBM, Almaden) and B. Yu (UC Berkeley)
"The Minimum Description Length Principle in Modeling and Coding"

C. Bennett (IBM, T.J. Watson) and P. Shor (AT&T, Florham Park)
"Quantum Information Theory"

T. Berger (Cornell Univ.) and J. Gibson (Texas A&M)
"Lossy Data Compression and Rate-Distortion Theory"

E. Biglieri (Univ. Torino), J. Proakis (Northeastern Univ.), S. Shamai-Shitz (Technion)
"Fading Channels: Information Theoretic and Communication Aspects"

I. Blake (Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto), C. Heegard (Cornell Univ.), T. Hoeholdt (Tech. Univ. Denmark), V. Wei (Chinese Univ, Honk Kong),
"Algebraic Geometry Codes"

R. Calderbank (AT&T, Murray Hill)
"The Art of Signalling: 50 years of Coding Theory"

D. Costello (Notre-Dame), J.Hagenauer (T. Univ. Munich), H. Imai (Univ. Tokyo) and S. Wicker (Cornell)
"Applications of Error Control Coding"

T. Cover (Stanford Univ.)
"Comments on Broadcast Channels"

I. Csiszar (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
"The Method of Types"

I. Daubechies (Princeton Univ.), D. Donoho (Stanford & UC Berkeley), M. Vetterli (EPFL, Lausanne)

P. Delsarte (Univ. Louvain) and V. Levenshtein (Russian Academy of Sciences)
"Association Schemes and Coding Theory"

A. Ephremides (Univ. Maryland) and B. Hajek (Univ. Illinois)
"Information Theory and Communication Networks: An Unconsummated Union'

M. Feder (Tel Aviv Univ.) and N. Merhav (Technion)
"Universal Prediction"

D. Forney (Motorola) and G. Ungerboeck (IBM, Zurich)
"Modulation and Coding for Linear Gaussian Channels"

R. Gray (Stanford Univ.) and D. Neuhoff (Univ. Michigan)

K. S. Immink (Philips, Eindhoven), P. Siegel (UC San Diego), J. Wolf (UC San Diego)
"Codes for Digital Recorders"

T. Kailath (Stanford Univ.) and V. Poor (Princeton Univ.)
"Detection of Stochastic Processes"

J. Korner (Univ. Roma) and A. Orlitsky (UC San Diego)
"Zero-Error Information Theory"

S. Kulkarni (Princeton Univ.), G. Lugosi (Univ. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), S. Venkatesh (Univ. Pennsylvania)
"A Survey of Statistical Pattern Recognition and Learning Theory"

A. Lapidoth (MIT), P. Narayan (Univ. Maryland)
"Reliable Communication under Channel Uncertainty"

J. O'Sullivan (Washington Univ.), R. Blahut (Univ. Illinois), D. Snyder (Washington Univ.)
"Information Theoretic Methods Image Formation"

P. Shields (Univ. Toledo)
"The Interactions between Ergodic Theory and Information Theory"

A. D. Wyner (Bell Labs, Murray Hill), J. Ziv (Technion) and A. J. Wyner (Univ. California, Berkeley)
"On the Role of Pattern Matching in Information Theory "

S. Verdú (Princeton Univ.)
"Fifty years of Shannon Theory"

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