ELE 529 - Theoretical Foundations of Random Processes

Spring 1985-86

Professor Sergio Verdú

Prerequisites: Engineering background on random processes equivalent to EE525

Textbook: E. Wong and B. Hajek, Stochastic Processes in Engineering Systems, Springer-Verlag 1985.

I. Probability Theory

Probability space - Measurable functions - Expectation - Sequences of random variab les and convergence -Independence

II. Conditioning. Discrete-time processes: Markov property and martingales

Conditional expectation - Stopping times - Markov property - Martingales - Convergence and inequalities

III. Continuous-time processes --fundamentals

Kolmogorov Existence theorem - Separability and measurability - Continuity - Statio narity and Ergodicity - Brownian motion. Poisson processes

IV. Stochasic integration and stochastic differential equations

Stochastic integral. It o calculus - Uniqueness and existence of solutions of stochastic differential equations - Diffusion processes.

V. Applications in detection, estimation and stochastic control

Girsanov's transformation - Detection of Stochastic Signals - Existence and characterization of optimal stochastic control laws


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