vonHoldt Lab

Evolutionary Genomics and Ecological Epignomics

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt [CV]

Post-doctoral Researchers

Kerry Machemer
Ecological epigenetics and population genomics of the wolf-like clade; guppy genomics

Ilana Janowitz
My research is broadly focused on the genetic and genomic basis of phenotypic diversification. Using both genomic techniques and large-scale pedigree data, my research goal is to explore the genetic and epigenetic changes associated with natural and artificial selection in canids.

Ph.D. Students

Elizabeth Heppenheimer

Undergraduate Students

Rachelle Mariano (visiting Undergraduate from University of Miami)
Thomas Kroshus '15 (MolBio)
Karlos Bledsoe '15 (EEB)

Lab Alum

Yashira Afanador-Hernandez (visited as a Master's student from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez)
Gitanjali Gnanadesikan '14 (EEB)
Eskender McCoy '14 (EEB)