vonHoldt Lab

Evolutionary Genomics and Ecological Epigenomics

Peer-reviewed Publications

RM Schweizer, BM vonHoldt, JC Knowles, R Harrigan, M Musiani, D Coltman, J Novembre, RK Wayne (2015) Genetic subdivision and candidate genes under selection in North American gray wolves. Mol Ecol doi:10.1111/mec.13364 [abstract]

RJ Fredrickson, PW Hedrick, RK Wayne, BM vonHoldt, MK Phillips (2015) Mexican wolves are a valid subspecies and an appropriate conservation target. J Heredity [abstract]

RHS Kraus, B vonHoldt, B Cocchiararo, et al. (2015) A SNP-based approach for rapid and cost-effective genetic wolf monitoring in Europe based on non invasively collected samples. Mol Ecol Resources 15, 295-305 [abstract]

Y Afanador, J Velez-Valentiin, R Valentiin-de la Rosa, I Rivera-Pagan, J-C Martinez-Cruzado, B vonHoldt, TK Oleksyk (2014) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the critically endangered Puerto Rican parrot (Amazona vittata). Conserv Genet 6(4), 885-889 [abstract]

M Pilot, C Greco, B vonHoldt, et al. (2014) Genome-wide signatures of population bottlenecks and diversifying selection in European wolves. Heredity 112, 428-442 [abstract]

Y Li, B vonHoldt, A Reynolds, et al. (2013) Artificial selection on brain-expressed genes during the domestication of dog. Mol Biol Evol 30, 1867-1876 [abstract]

DM Karyadi, E Karlins, B Decker, B vonHoldt, et al. (2013) A copy number variant at the KITLG locus likely confers risk for canine squamous cell carcinoma of the digit. PLoS Genetics 9 (3), e1003409 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, J Pollinger, D Earl, et al. (2012) Identification of recent hybridization between gray wolves and domesticated dogs by SNP genotyping. Mammalian Genome 12 (1-2), 80-88 [abstract]

DR Stahler, DR MacNulty, RK Wayne, B vonHoldt, DW Smith (2012) The adaptive value of morphological, behavioral, and life history traits in reproductive female wolves. J Animal EcolDOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2656.2012.02039.x [ abstract]

B vonHoldt, S Takuno, B Gaut (2012) Recent LTR retrotransposon insertions are methylated and phylogenetically clustered in japonica rice (Oryza sativa japonica). Mol Biol Evol29(10), 3193-3203 [abstract]

RK Wayne, B vonHoldt (2012) Evolutionary genomics of dog domestication. Mamm Genome 23, 3-18 [abstract]

H Huson, B vonHoldt, M Rimbault, et al. (2012) Selection for breed- specific ancestry targets a mutation in the MYO9 gene associated to heat tolerance within performing Alaskan sled dogs. Mamm Genome 23, 178-194 [abstract]

T Coulson, DR MacNulty, DR Stahler, B vonHoldt, et al. (2011) Modeling effects of environmental change on wolf population dynamics, trait evolution and life history. Science 334, 1275-1278 [abstract]

D Earl, B vonHoldt (2011) STRUCTURE HARVESTER: a website and program for visualizing STRUCTURE output and implementing the Evanno method. Con Gen Resources 4(2), 359-361 [abstract]

E Geffen, M Kam, R Hefner, P Hersteinsson, A Angerbjorn, L Dalen, E Fuglei, K Noren, J Adams, J Vucetich, T Meier, D Mech, B vonHoldt, et al. (2011) Kin encounter rate and inbreeding avoidance in canids. Mol Ecol 20(24), 5348-5358 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, J Pollinger, D Earl, et al. (2011) A genome-wide perspective on the evolutionary history of enigmatic wolf-like canids. Genome Res 21, 1294-1305 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, D Stahler, J Pollinger, et al. (2010) A novel assessment of population structure and gene flow in grey wolf populations of the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States. Mol Ecol 19, 4412-4427 [abstract]

AR Boyko, P Quignon, L Li, J Schoenebeck, JD Degenhardt, KE Lohmueller, K Zhao, A Brisbin, HG Parker, B vonHoldt, et al. (2010) A simple genetic architecture underlies quantitative traits in dogs. PLoS Biol 8(8), e1000451 [abstract]

I Jankovic, B vonHoldt, N Rosenberg (2010) Heterozygosity of the Yellowstone wolves. Mol Ecol 19, 3246-3249 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, E Han, J Pollinger, et al. (2010) Genome-wide SNP and haplotype analyses reveal a rich history underlying dog domestication. Nature 464, 898-903 [abstract]

E Cadieu, M Neff, P Quignon, K Walsh, K Chase, H Parker, B vonHoldt, et al. (2009) Coat Variation in Domestic Dog is Goverened by Variants in Three Genes. Science 326, 150-153 [abstract]

H Parker, B vonHoldt, P Quignon, et al. (2009) An expressed Fgf4 retrogene is associated with breed-defining chondrodysplasia in domestic dogs. Science 325(5943), 995-998 [abstract]

T Anderson, B vonHoldt, S Candille, et al. (2009) Molecular and evolutionary history of melanism in North American gray wolves. Science 323(5919), 1339-1343 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, D Stahler, D Smith, et al. (2008) The genealogy and genetic viability of the reintroduced Yellowstone grey wolves. Mol Ecol 17, 252-274 [abstract]

B vonHoldt, E Ostrander (2006) Preview: The singular history of a canine transmissible tumor. Cell 126, 445-447 [abstract]

Book Chapters

B vonHoldt, M Gray, R Wayne (2012) Genome-wide approaches for the study of dog domestication. In Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution, Sustainability. Cambridge University Press, UK.

B vonHoldt, C Driscoll (in review) Molecular Evolution of Domestic Dogs. In The Domestic Dog: Its Behavior, Evolution and Interactions with People. Cambridge University Press, UK.