Weiqi Sun


a bit about me

I'm currently a third-year PhD candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Princeton University, United States. I'm working with Professor Yiguang Ju on Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and combustion modeling in the Advanced Combustion and Propulsion Lab. Before came to Princeton University, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in 2011 in Physics major at Peking University, China.


    The advanced Combustion and Propulsion Lab focuses on the development of new technologies and the understanding of basic principles in combustion, propulsion, sustainable energy, and functional nano materials. ( Learn more... )


    My research interests are focused on the numerical simulation of multi-dimenional unsteady reacting flow to extend the capability of combustion modelling with the interaction of large detailed chemical kinetics and turbulence.


    Programming languages: Fortran (mostly used), C and C++.

    Scripting languages: Python and Matlab.

    Shell languages: bash and csh.

    Web development: HTML/CSS, JS, PHP...

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