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What is an SFMGT you ask?
SFMGT is an acronym for Science Fiction Movie Get-Together. An SFMGT is an event at which my friends and colleagues, and sometimes their friends or colleagues, gather to see a new science fiction or fantasy movie.

Why are there SFMGTs?
I enjoy reading and watching science fiction books and movies. I also enjoy spending time with friendly people. After I came to work at Princeton University, I was pleased to find other science fiction-philes among my new colleagues and friends. The SFMGTs are a means by which my SF friends and I may gather to see science fiction-related movies together and enjoy each other's company.

When and where are the SFMGTs?
Since most SFMGT attendees work or live in or near Princeton University, we usually see movies at theaters that are within about 30 minutes driving distance of Princeton University. We usually see new SF movies on or shortly after their opening day, at a convenient showtime around 7 PM.

Who decides which movies are to be SFMGTs, and when and where we'll see them?
I do. I wish to accomodate as many people as possible though, so suggestions about what movies we see when and where are always welcome. I post information about future SFMGTs on these Web pages as soon as it's available, and send SFMGT invitations to the SFMGT e-mail list about one or two weeks in advance of an upcoming event.

Who may attend an SFMGT?
Anyone I know personally and anyone they know personally.

How does one join in?
To join us at an SFMGT or to be included in the SFMGT e-mail list, please send me e-mail at willman@Princeton.EDU

Who am I?
For a partial answer to that question, please see my other Web pages, beginning at the URL: http://www.princeton.edu/~willman

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Obligatory Disclaimer: These Web pages and their contents are not intended as, and should not be construed as, a commercial solicitation. While I often gather money from SFMGT attendees, such money is used solely to purchase their movie tickets. I am not affiliated with any person or corporation in the movie industry. I do not obtain any financial gain from my SFMGT-related activities. I am an employee of Princeton University and these Web pages are hosted on systems owned and maintained by Princeton University, but these Web pages and the SFMGT-related activities are not sponsored by Princeton University.