Movies of MAP

Here are two movies that Norm made of the Microwave Anisotropy Probe on its way to the L2 point of the Sun-Earth system. These movies were made using the 36" telescope in Fitz-Randolph Observatory at Princeton University.

MAP Movie 0707T
MAP Movie 0721T

Norm also made another movie of MAP at L2 on November 7. The movie is available in three different image sizes: 3.6 MB, 14.1 MB, and 21.1 MB. MAP may be seen to brighten twice as it moves from left to right across the center-right portion of the images. Not only did Norm capture images of MAP, but two galaxies and an asteroid happened to be within the field of view. The galaxies may be seen near the lower left-hand corner of the images, and the asteroid may be seen moving from left to right near the lower right-hand corner of the images.

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