After two weeks of daring adventure in the far off land of Skokie, IL, the undergraduates, Melissa and Brian, were returning with their long-awaited payload. Meanwhile, back at Princeton, Dave Wilkinson was assembling a team of highly-qualified experts who would take on the job of reinstalling the delicate mirror in its nest at the base of the telescope. When the undergraduates finally returned with their cargo, the team scheduled a Saturday morning for the grueling task that lie ahead...

A picture of the base of the telescope, which holds the mirror, along with a contraption to aid in the placement of the mirror.

Norm instructs the group on the finer points of his homemade device to lower the mirror into its cell.

The device is put to the test and appears to hold up well.

Dr. Wilkinson, exhausted from the stress,

leaves the grad students to attach the 600-pound base to the telescope.

"Hey guys! Wait! I think I left my car keys in there..."

Now for the secondary mirror.

The group, sick of the tedious labor, decides that it would be more efficient

to launch Bob Cava into space to look for extraterrestrial life.

Actually he's installing the secondary mirror.

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