Softwares on OS X

Since I just did a clean install of Yosemite on my macbook pro, lots of softwares need to be reinstalled. It’s also a good opportunity for me to record those stuff for reference.

Bibdesk: a very good bibliography editor and manager, working with \LaTeX.

Clean My Mac 2: OS X also needs cleaning

DEVONthink Pro:


Fluid: The only reason I use it is because we don’t have a good Gmail client on OS X

MPlayerX: The best player on OS X

Parallels Desktop: Games and XPSPeaks

Reeder: Very good.

Skim: Fast and good.

Sublime Text 2:

MacTex: Basic package +

The Unarchiver:

Trim Enabler:



Brew: Install package for OS X

XQuartz: is needed for x11 terminal in Gnuplot

Gnuplot: Better “Origin” on OS X generating eps with \LaTeX

  • brew install gnuplot –with-x

Inkscape: A good drawing software compatible  with \LaTeX

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Create Fusion Drive with Recovery Partition on Clean Yosemite


1. 把光驱取下换上SSD,准备好Yosemite安装盘
2. 重启,用安装盘引导进入Disk Utility,对SSD和HDD重新分一次区,然后在HDD上安装Yosemite,此步骤会在HDD上创建recovery partition
3. 重启,用安装盘引导进入terminal,执行diskutil list,然后只合并disk0 (SSD) 和 disk1s2 (HDD),disk1s3(recovery partition)会保留

这个时候我就发现有点不对劲,因为怎么已经有一个Logical Volume Group了,而且只包含disk1s2?

果然,在我执行diskutil cs create Fusion disk0 disk1s2时报错,说disk1s2已经是在一个Logical Volume Group 里面了。
上网查了一下,发现从Yosemite开始,apple直接用CoreStorage分区(。我很naive地想了想,把这个删掉不就行了……可惜,毕竟too young,删掉这个Logical Volume Group也会删除不在这个Group里面的disk1s3!

难道只能做没有recovery partition的fusion drive了吗?虽然我不用FileVault,但是还是喜欢开着find my mac。用着手机小小的屏幕在网上查了好久,终于发现了这样一个命令 diskutil cs revert。先把这个Logical Volume还原,瞬间,安装就回归正轨了!!!

然后接着按照帖子的步骤,非常顺利,按option就能看到recovery这个选项 :)
经过再次安装Yosemite(第一次只是为了得到HDD上的recovery partition),开启trim,速度500M/s,自己真是喜欢搞个大新闻!

后来想用diskutil cs addDisk是不是也可行,但是没有去试,因为即便可行,也不能改fusion drive的名字,有点别扭。

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Multiple Google Drives on MacOS

Last week, the university gave us a big gift that each graduate student can have a 30G Google Drive! It would double my Google Drive storage!

Thus, I planned to move all the academic things in my old GDrive to the new one. However, I found that I couldn’t sign into more than one GDrive account on my MacBook. Google Help also confirms it.

Luckily, this website proposed a wonderful solution. Since my OS is Mavericks rather than Mountain Lion, two differences are shown below.

First, the first time when I tried to change the default sync location of GDrive as the newly created user, GDrive always crashed. I had to log out my current user and do that operation under the newly created user.

Second, if I change the user ID of the newly created user to hide it, GDrive on that user cannot run anymore, showing “An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit. Error: 8473″. This problem hasn’t been solved yet.

Anyway, now I have two drives running on my MacBook simultaneously.

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Hello world!

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