Multiple Google Drives on MacOS

Last week, the university gave us a big gift that each graduate student can have a 30G Google Drive! It would double my Google Drive storage!

Thus, I planned to move all the academic things in my old GDrive to the new one. However, I found that I couldn’t sign into more than one GDrive account on my MacBook. Google Help also confirms it.

Luckily, this website proposed a wonderful solution. Since my OS is Mavericks rather than Mountain Lion, two differences are shown below.

First, the first time when I tried to change the default sync location of GDrive as the newly created user, GDrive always crashed. I had to log out my current user and do that operation under the newly created user.

Second, if I change the user ID of the newly created user to hide it, GDrive on that user cannot run anymore, showing “An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit. Error: 8473″. This problem hasn’t been solved yet.

Anyway, now I have two drives running on my MacBook simultaneously.

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Hello world!

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