We are an experimental physical chemistry group working on single-molecule chemical dynamics. We develop new single-molecule- and single-nanoparticle-based methods for the study of complex systems. Our ultimate goal is to arrive at a level of understanding that affords a quantitative prediction of the dynamics and how they contribute to systems behavior.


POST-DOCTORAL POSITION OPEN: Fresh PhD with a strong background in optics and imaging, computer programming and statistical analysis, as well mammalian cell culturing and manipulation.

STUDENT POSITIONS OPEN: We continue to look for driven and self-motivated graduate students and undergrads who enjoy scientific challenges and thrive under pressure.

March 12, 2017

Gongyao Zeng, after some wandering around, decided to join the group working on nonequilibrium problems, hopefully using both theoretical and experimental approaches.

Janurary 23, 2017

Dr. Junaid Amin joins the group. He will work on the Petry-Shaevitz-Yang joint project. Welcome Junaid!