Yanqi Zhou


Parallel Computing
Department of Electrical Engineering
Princeton University

Email: yanqiz AT princeton.edu
Office: EQUAD F210E


I'm a sixth year PhD student at Princeton Parallel Computing Group. My advisor is Professor David Wentzlaff.


I am the first graduate student of Prof. David Wentzlaff. My research area is computer architecture, operating system, and parallel computing. I got my Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Mathematics from University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong. I worked at Microsoft Research as a research intern for two summers. Apart from research, I like playing tennis, basketball, swimming, yoga, to name a few . And I love both classical music and pop music. I have been playing the violin for over ten years.


  • Michael McKeown, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, Paul Jackson, Yaosheng Fu, Jonathan Balkind, Tri Nguyen, Yanqi Zhou, and David Wentzlaff "Power and Energy Characterization of an Open Source 25-core Manycore Processor"
    HPCA, February 2018.

  • Sercan Arik, Gregory Diamos, Andrew Gibiansky, John Miller, Kainan Peng, Wei Ping, Jonathan Raiman, and Yanqi Zhou "Deep Voice 2: Multi-speaker Neural Text-to-Speech"
    NIPS, Dec 2017.

  • Yanqi Zhou, Sameer Wagh, Prateek Mittal, David Wentzlaff "Camouflage: Memory Traffic Shaping to Mitigate Timing Attacks"
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  • Michael McKeown, Yaosheng Fu, Tri Nguyen, Yanqi Zhou, Jonathan Balkind, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, Samuel Payne, and David Wentzlaff
    "Piton: A 25-core Academic Manycore Processor"
    Hot Chips, August 2016.

  • Yanqi Zhou, Henry Hoffmann, and David Wentzlaff
    "CASH: Supporting IaaS Customers with a Sub-core Configurable Architecture"
    ISCA , June 2016.

  • Yanqi Zhou and David Wentzlaff
    "MITTS: Memory Inter-arrival Time Traffic Shaping"
    ISCA , June 2016.

  • Jonathan Balkind, Michael McKeown, Yaosheng Fu, Tri Nguyen, Yanqi Zhou, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, Adi Fuchs, Samuel Payne, Xiaohua Liang, Matthew Matl, and David Wentzlaff
    "OpenPiton: An Open Source Manycore Research Framework"
    ASPLOS, April 2016.
    [PDF] [Open Piton]

  • David Wentzlaff, Michael Mckeown, Yaosheng Fu, Tri M. Nguyen, Yanqi Zhou, Jonathan Balkind, Alexey Lavrov, Mohammad Shahrad, and Samuel Payne
    "Designing a Complex 25-Core Academic Processor"
    WARP, June 2015.
    [Princeton Piton Processor]

  • Yanqi Zhou, and David Wentzlaff
    "The Sharing Architecture: Sub-core Configurability for IaaS Clouds"
    ASPLOS , March 2014.

Selected Honors

  • Rising Stars in EECS

  • Princeton Wu Fellowship

  • Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship