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Office: NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Rm. 318B


Phone: (609) 452-5385 (for immediate response, email for cell #)

Mailing Address:
Zack Subin
Guyot Hall, Room 129
Princeton, NJ 08544-1003

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I have begun a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; see my webpage there: I recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Princeton Environmental Institute, working with Prof. Steve Pacala and Dr. Elena Shevliakova. I was working with Dr. Benjamin Sulman to improve the treatment of soil carbon cycling and subgrid horizontal heterogeneity in the land-surface component of the GFDL earth system model, with application to understanding interactions between peatlands and climate change.

I completed a Ph.D. in UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group, working with Dr. William Riley, Prof. Margaret Torn, Prof. William Collins, and Dr. Charles Koven in the Climate Sciences Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The dissertation is available upon email request. I am affiliated with the IMPACTS project and the CESM Land Model Working Group. During my Ph.D., I used land-surface modeling to better understand feedbacks to climate change. I developed a coupling between WRF and CLM in order to study the effects of land cover change in California. I also developed an improved lake model for CLM (Subin et al., 2012a; Subin et al., 2012b) and helped develop a global terrestrial methane emissions model with Dr. Riley. My previous work at Berkeley included work on wind energy economics and the options for greenhouse gas emissions reduction in California's transportation sector.

Research Interests: Interactions between changes in terrestrial surface and subsurface physical and biochemical properties and changes in regional and global climate: regional and global climate modeling; land cover and land use change; lake physics and dynamics; wetland and methane biogeochemistry; permafrost and thermokarst physics; feedbacks to climate change.

Personal interests include science, politics, beer, bicycling / outdoors, and cats.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Frolking, S., J. Talbot, and Z. M. Subin, 2014. Exploring the relationship between peatland net carbon balance and apparent carbon accumulation rate at century to millennial time scales. The Holocene , 24: 1167-1173 doi:10.1177/0959683614538078

Thiery, W., V. M. Stepanenko, X. Fang, K. D. Jöhnk, Z. Li, A. Martynov, M. Perroud, Z. M. Subin, F. Darchambeau, D. Mironov, and N. P. M. van Lipzig, 2013. LakeMIP Kivu: Evaluating the representation of a large, deep tropical lake by a set of one-dimensional lake models. Tellus A 66, 21390.

Gu, H., J. Jin, Y. Wu, M. B. Ek, and Z. M. Subin, 2013. Calibration and Validation of Lake Surface Temperature Simulations with the Coupled WRF-Lake Model. Climatic Change 1-13. 10.1007/s10584-013-0978-y

Koven, C. D., W. J. Riley, Z. M. Subin, J. Y. Tang, M. S. Torn, W. D. Collins, G. B. Bonan, D. M. Lawrence, and S. C. Swenson, 2013. The effect of vertically-resolved soil biogeochemistry and alternate soil C and N models on C dynamics of CLM4. Biogeosciences 10, 7109-7131. doi:10.5194/bg-10-7109-2013.

Stepanenko, V. M., A. Martynov, K. D. Jöhnk, Z. M. Subin, M. Perroud, X. Fang, F. Beyrich, D. Mironov, and S. Goyette, 2013. A one-dimensional model intercomparison study of thermal regime of a shallow turbid midlatitude lake. Geosci. Model Dev., 6, 1337-1352. doi:10.5194/gmd-6-1337-2013.

Z. Shi, M., Z.-L. Yang, D. M. Lawrence, R. E. Dickinson, and Z. M. Subin, 2013. Spin-up processes in the Community Land Model version 4 with explicit carbon and nitrogen components. Ecological Modelling 263, 308-325.

Z. M. Subin, C. D. Koven, W. J. Riley, M. S. Torn, D. M. Lawrence, S. C. Swenson, 2013. Effects of Soil Moisture on the Responses of Soil Temperatures to Climate Change in Cold Regions. Journal of Climate 26, 3139-3158.

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Melton, J. R., R. Wania, E. L. Hodson, B. Poulter, B. Ringeval, R. Spahni, T. Bohn, C. A. Avis, D. J. Beerling, G. Chen, A. V. Eliseev, S. N. Denisov, P. O. Hopcroft, D. P. Lettenmaier, W. J. Riley, J. S. Singarayer, Z. M. Subin, H. Tian, S. Zürcher, V. Brovkin, P. M. van Bodegom, T. Kleinen, Z. C. Yu, and J. O. Kaplan, 2013. Present state of global wetland extent and wetland methane modelling: conclusions from a model intercomparison project (WETCHIMP). Biogeosciences 10, 753-788. doi:10.5194/bg-10-753-2013

Tang, J., W. J. Riley, C. D. Koven, and Z. M. Subin, 2013. CLM4-BeTR, a generic biogeochemical transport and reaction module for CLM4: model development, evaluation, and application. Geosci. Model Dev. 6, 127-140. doi:10.5194/gmd-6-127-2013

Z. M. Subin, W. J. Riley, and D. Mironov, 2012. An Improved Lake Model for Climate Simulations: Model Structure, Evaluation, and Sensitivity Analyses in CESM1. J. Adv. Mod. Earth Sys. 4, M02001. doi:10.1029/2011MS000072

Meng, L., P. G. M. Hess, N. M. Mahowald, J. B. Yavitt, W. J. Riley, Z. M. Subin, D. M. Lawrence, S. C. Swenson, J. Jauhiainen, and D. R. Fuka, 2012. Sensitivity of wetland methane emissions to model assumptions: application and model testing against site observations. Biogeosciences 9, 2793-2819. doi:10.5194/bg-9-2793-2012

Bonfils, T. J. Phillips, Lawrence, D. M., P. Cameron-Smith, W. J. Riley, and Z. M. Subin, 2012. On the influence of shrub height and expansion on boreal climate. Environmental Research Letters 7, 015503. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/7/1/015503

Z. M. Subin, L. N. Murphy, L. N., F. Li, C. Bonfils, and W. J. Riley, 2012. Boreal Lakes Moderate Seasonal and Diurnal Temperature Variation and Perturb Atmospheric Circulation: Analyses in CESM1. Tellus A 64, 15639. doi:10.3402/tellusa.v64i0.15639

Z. M. Subin., W. J. Riley, W. J., J. Jin, D. S. Christianson, M. S. Torn, and L. M. Kueppers, 2011. Ecosystem Feedbacks to Climate Change in California: Development, Testing, and Analysis Using a Coupled Regional Atmosphere and Land-Surface Model (WRF3-CLM3.5). Earth Interactions, 15, 1-38. doi:10.1175/2010EI331.1.

W. J. Riley, Z. M. Subin, Z. M., D. M. Lawrence, S. C. Swenson, M. S. Torn, L. Meng, N. Mahowald, and P. Hess, 2011. Barriers to predicting changes in global terrestrial methane fluxes: analyses using CLM4Me, a methane biogeochemistry model integrated in CESM. Biogeosciences 8, 1925-1953. doi:10.5194/bg-8-1925-2011

Under review:

Subin, Z. M., P. C. Milly, B. N. Sulman, S. Malyshev, and E. Shevliakova. Resolving Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes along a Subgrid Topographic Gradient for an Earth-System Model. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Submitted.

Other publications:

Schuur, E. A. G., B. Abbott, and the Permafrost Carbon Network, 2011. Climate change: High risk of permafrost thaw. Nature 480, 32-33 (Comment) doi:10.1038/480032a

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