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Horizontal directivity plots

SpeakerName H Front Contour Plot

Frontal horizontal contour plot

Vertical directivity plots

SpeakerName V Front Contour Plot

Frontal vertical contour plot

Directivity index plots

SpeakerName Front Hemisphere DI Plot

Frontal hemisphere directivity index plot

Constant directivity metrics plots

SpeakerName Front Horizontal Polar XCorr Plot

Front horizontal polar X-Corr. plot

Measurement notes:

  1. Date performed: not available
  2. Nominal measurement distance: not available
  3. Transducer type: not available
  4. Exponential sine sweep settings:
    • Frequency range: not available
    • Duration: not available
  5. Impulse response window settings:
    • Type: not available
    • Duration: not available
  6. Frequency resolution: not available
  7. Spectral smoothing: not available
  8. Directivity index averaging range: not available
  9. Alignment: not available.
  10. Additional notes: None.