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Binaural Audio Through Loudspeakers

Author: Choueiri, E. Y.
Publication: Immersive Sound: The Art and Science of Binaural and Multi-Channel Audio
Publisher: Focal Press
Editors: Roginska, A., Geluso, P.
Date: October 12, 2017

The most fundamental challenge in crosstalk-cancellation (XTC) filter design is dealing with the spectral coloration (tonal distortion) that XTC filters inherently impose on the sound emitted by the loudspeakers. The basic problem of XTC, the fundamental nature of the associated spectral coloration, its main features, its dependencies, and, ultimately, the formulation of a method for the practical design of optimal XTC filters that abate such tonal distortion, with minimal degradation of XTC performance, are the main subjects of this chapter.