Princeton University  

BACCH™ 3D Sound

A Revolutionary Technology for Audiophile-Grade 3D Audio

An Introduction through 20 Questions and Answers

BACCH™ 3D Sound (also previously called "Pure Stereo 3D Audio™" or "Pure Stereo") is a recent breakthrough in audio technology (licensed by Princeton University) that yields unprecedented spatial realism in loudspeaker-based audio playback allowing the listener to hear, through only two loudspeakers, a truly 3D reproduction of a recorded soundfield with uncanny accuracy and detail, and with a level of high tonal and spatial fidelity that is simply unapproachable by even the most expensive and advanced existing high-end audio systems. This poster summarizes the fundamental principles behind this technology as well as some technical aspects of its implementation. Learn more about BACCH™ 3D Sound through these 11 Questions and Answers