HIS 542 / HLS 542 / MED 542

Problems in Byzantine History


John Frederick Haldon

Reading and research on selected problems in Byzantine social and cultural history are the focus of the course. Specific topics are announced in the term preceding the seminar.

HIS 544 / MED 544

Seminar in Medieval History


Selected problems in the social, administrative, and legal history of Western Europe in the Middle Ages, primarily during the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries.

NES 545 / MED 545 / REL 548 / JDS 545

Problems in Near Eastern Jewish History: Judaism after the Talmud


Eve Krakowski

A study of a number of central problems, historiographical issues, and primary sources relevant to the history of the Jewish minority under Islam in the Middle Ages.

CLA 598 / MED 598 / HLS 598

Methods in Byzantine Literature and Philology


Emmanuel C. Bourbouhakis

This course emphasizes proficiency in post-Classical and Medieval Greek language through close readings and translations of literature. In addition to surveying the principal genres of literature and the questions surrounding them, it also introduces Ph.D. students to the instrumenta studiorum of Late Antique and Byzantine philology, such as palaeography, codicology, text editing, databases and bibliography.