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Lapidus Family Fund in American Jewish Studies

Thanks to a recent grant by Sidney and Ruth Lapidus and their family, the Program collaborates with the Program in Judaic Studies to offer courses and events related to American Jewish Studies. 

New Internship Opportunity for Undergraduates:

Two new curatorial internships are available at The Center for Jewish History in NYC! One intern will be working on the new Lapidus Collection at the Center for Jewish History. The other will be focusing on the collections of the American Jewish Historical Society. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking for experience in special collections based research and interns will be under the direct supervision of the Center's Reference Services Research Coordinator. Check out their website at



ENG 356 /AMS 378 /JDS 377        American Jewish Writers: Exiles, Citizens, 
                                                             Esther Schor, Department of English
American Jewish writers adopt a variety of personae: they may write as exiles, as citizens, as provocateurs, among other figures. Why these strategies, and what sort of mark have they left on American Jewish writing? On American letters? On modern Jewish literature? We’ll consider the historic sweep of American Jewish writing from the 18th to the 21st centuries--and what better time, since the course coincides with the Princeton Art Museum’s exhibition on American Jewish life before the Civil War. Students are invited to explore the collection, and develop docent talks as part of their coursework.