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Undergraduate Program

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The Program in American Studies is the University's oldest interdepartmental plan of study. It began in 1942 as the "Program in American Civilization," in response to the perception among faculty and students that (in their words) "many educated Americans have in their education been cut off from a clear understanding of the traditions of their country." Existing today under the aegis of the Humanities Council, the Program aims to give students an understanding of American civilization-its culture, its institutions, its intellectual traditions and the relationships among its people-by exploring and relating issues raised in the separate disciplines. The Program reflects the creative ferment in the study of American life and culture. We work to integrate the historical and literary studies traditionally identified with "American Studies," with newer methodologies and approaches, as we struggle to make sense of a complex and polyglot society.

The cooperating departments from which the program draws faculty and other resources presently include Anthropology, Architecture, Art and Archaeology, Economics, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and the Woodrow Wilson School. 

Tweed Hall, New York

Times Square, New York

American Studies Students at the 2009 Holiday Party

American Studies Students