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Princeton PhDs Awarded American Astronomical Society’s Top Honors

The AAS awarded its top prize for a young  observational astronomer to Nadia Zakamska (Pierce) and for  a young theoretical astronomer to Christopher Hirata (Warner). Both Nadia and Chris received their PhDs from Princeton in 2005.  The AAS prize for lifetime achievement, the Russell Lectureship,  went to George Field. George received his PhD from Princeton in 1954 and was a faculty member at Princeton University from 1957-1965.  The Russell Lectureship is named after Henry Norris Russell (‘1897, *1899). Russell was  a faculty member from 1908 - 1947 and was also chair from 1912 to 1947.  Over 100 years of excellence for our graduate school!

Photos of Christoper Hirata & Nadia Zakamska.

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