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NAS Survey Ranks Princeton Astrophysics #1

"The recent released NAS "Data-Based  Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs"

(  gave its highest rating to the Princeton University Astrophysics Department.   Basing its ranking on 20 factors including publications per faculty member, citations per publication, percent faculty with grants and awards per faculty member, the NAS survey has assessed over 5000 programs in 62 fields.   In astrophysics, the NAS ranked 34 graduate programs and gave its top ranking (based on its S rating) to Princeton followed by Caltech, Penn State, UC Berkeley and U Chicago.  

Princeton was top ranked in research activity, its level of student support, student outcomes, and in the number of awards per faculty member. Princeton astrophysics faculty (including Associate Faculty) include 8 NAS members, 4 MacArthur Fellows and 2 winners of the Presidental Medal of Science.

Princeton graduate students had the shortest median time to degree and the highest GRE scores. Princeton ranked second (behind U Chicago) in citations per paper and second (behind Penn State) in average number of publications per allocated faculty.



 Princeton also ranked #1 in the US News ranking of graduate schools: