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New Telescope Meeting

September 4-6, 2012 Princeton, NJ

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Hubble Space Telescope


The NRO has gifted NASA two "Hubble class" telescopes.  How should the astronomy community best use these facilities?

What is the most compelling science that can be done with these facilities at a reasonable cost? 

This workshop will explore opportunities for WFIRST science, UV astronomy, exoplanet searches and other astronomical applications.


Archived video of talks

Sept 4 AM talks (part 1): Spergel, Moore, Sambruna, Mathews

Sept 4 AM talks (part 2): Mackenty, Gehrels, Kruk, Dressler

Sept 4 PM talks (part 1): Strauss, Mather, Rhodes

Sept 4 PM talks (part 2): Malhotra/Rhoads, Kalirai, Weinberg

Sept 5 AM talks (part 1): Thompson, Postman, Dalcanton

Sept 5 AM talks (part 2): Stern, Strigari, Bennett

Sept 5 PM talks (part 1): Scowen, Teplitz, Sembach

Sept 5 PM talks (part 2): Hammel, Spann

Sept 6 AM talks (part 1): Kasdin, Traub, Schneider/Bendek

Sept 6 AM talks (part 2): Lyon/Clampin, Cash, Morse, Mountain

Hosting Department


Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences
Princeton University
Peyton Hall, 4 Ivy Lane
Princeton, NJ 08544