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Michael A. Strauss

Michael Strauss is interested in all aspects of extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology.  He has used large surveys suchas IRAS and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, to study the large-scale distribution of galaxies to constrain cosmological parameters, the relationship between galaxy properties and their environment, and the nature and evolution of AGN and quasars. 

Recent results include discovery of the most distant quasars (to z=6.4) and using them to constrain models for reionization), studies of luminous obscured quasars, and measurements of the clustering of quasars on both large and small scales. 

He is involved in planning for the next generation of large surveys, including Hyper-SuprimeCam on Subaru, and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

Michael A. Strauss

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences. Associate Chair, Department of Astrophysical Sciences.

Office Location:
  25C Peyton Hall
Interoffice Mailing Address:
   Astrophysical Sciences
   Peyton Hall, Room 113
Campus Phone: 609-258-3808
Voice Mailbox: 83808
Campus Fax: 609-258-1020
E-mail: strauss@astro.Princeton.EDU