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Plasma Physics Faculty

For all email addresses marked with xxxx@P please use:


Amitava Bhattacharjee, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences

Office Location:
MS29, C-Site PPL

E-mail: amitava@p

Hantao Ji, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences.

Office Location:
MS17 C-Site L222 PPL

E-mail: hji@p

Ronald Davidson, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences, Emeritus.

Office Location:
MS17 C-Site L240 PPL

E-mail: rdavidson@p


Nathaniel J. Fisch, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences. Director, Program in Plasma Physics.

Office Location:
MS30 C-Site T162 PPL

E-mail: fisch@p


Robert J. Goldston, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences.

Office Location:
MS41 C-Site B319 PPL

Campus Phone: 609-243-3550
E-mail: rgoldston@p

Stewart PragerProfessor of Astrophysical Sciences.

Office Location: 
MS37 C-Site B333 PPL

Campus Phone: 609-243-3553
E-mail: sprager@p