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Technical Staff

For all email addresses marked with xxxx@P please use:
 For those unmarked with an @, please use:


Bob Armstrong, Associate Research Scholar

Office Location: 113 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-

E-mail: rea3@p

Jim BoschAstronomical Software Specialist

Office Location: 117 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-2842
E-mail: jbosch

Michael Carr, Scientific Instrumentation Engineer

Office Location: 25B Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-1805
E-mail: mac

Zoltan CsubryAstronomical Software Specialist

Office Location: 120B Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-0566
E-mail: zcsubry@p

Joel HartmanAssociate Research Scholar

Office Location: 128 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-0623
E-mail: jhartman

Steve Huston, Infrastructure Operations Analyst/Manager

Office Location: 345 Lewis Science Library
Campus Phone: 609-258-7375
E-mail: huston

Jane E Holmquist, Astrophysics, Mathematics and Physics Librarian

Office Location: 210 Lewis Science Library
Campus Phone: 609-258-3150
Campus Fax: 609-258-4607
E-mail: jane@p

Leigh Koven, Computing Support Specialist

Office Location: 130 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-8833
E-mail: lkoven

Craig Loomis, Applications Delivery Lead Analyst

Office Location: 2 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-1692
E-mail: cloomis

Lauren MacArthur, Associate Research Scholar, LSST and HSC.

Office Location: 6

Campus Phone:

Tim Morton, Associate Research Scholar

Office Location: 7 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 
E-mail: tdm

Kaloyan PenevAssociate Research Scholar

Office Location: 127 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-0754
E-mail: kpenev

Paul Price, Astronomical Software Scientist

Office Location: 
Campus Phone:
E-mail: pprice@p

John Swinbank, Associate Professional Specialist, LSST.

Office Location: 207

Campus Phone:

Xing Wei, Associate Research Scholar

Office Location: 205 Peyton Hall
Campus Phone: 609-258-0546
E-mail: xingwei