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Current Students



Stephen (Nicholas) Barton

Senior Thesis: A Bayesian Method to Determine the Distribution of Transiting Exoplanets in Binary, Multiplanet Kepler Systems

Advisor:  Tim Morton and Edwin Turner

Eve Matthaey

Senior Thesis: Higher-order Current Deposition Schemes for Particle-in-cell Plasma Simulations

Advisor:           Anatoly Spitkovsky    


Oderah (Justin) Otor

Senior Thesis: Revealing the Mystery (and Kepler's Longest Period) Planet in the Kepler-56 System

Advisor:       Gaspar Bakos [and John Johnson (CfA)]        

Jamila Pegues

Senior Thesis:     Analyzing the Distribution and Chemical Evolution of Nitrogen in Theoretical Protoplanetary Disks

Advisor:    Bruce Draine [and Karin Oberg CfA)]           

Roberta Raileanu

Senior Thesis:  Clustering Redshift Estimation for the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey

Advisor:           Michael Strauss              


Thomas Gonzalez Roberts

Senior Thesis: Estimating Encounters:  An Assessment of Space Debris Collision Risk in Low-Earth Orbit from 1960 to 2015

Advisor:    Christopher Chyba           


Nabeel Sarwar

Senior Thesis:  Use of Near-Infrared Colors to Enhance Star-Galaxy Classification in Supervised Learning Models

Advisor:           Michael Strauss           


Margaret (Maggie) Thompson

Senior Thesis: A Model for Astrometric Detection and Characterization of Multi-Exoplanet Systems

Advisor:           David Spergel              


Sandy (Sihan) Yuan

Senior Thesis: Photometric Identification And Characterization of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies In Hyper Suprime-Cam Ultradeep Data

Advisor:          David Spergel     





Samuel Cabot

Fall JP:       BPT characterization of star forming galaxies:   ultra-high resolution cosmological hydronamic simulations

Advisor:      Renyue Cen

Spring JP:  Transverse Peculiar Velocity Estimates of Q2237+0305:                                                           "The Einstein Cross"

Advisor:      Jeremy Goodman

Alice Eltvedt

Fall JP:           Identifying Quasars with N_v/Ly_a Line Area Ratios>1 from                                                     the SDSS-III DR12

Advisor:           Michael Strauss

Spring JP:      Do Quasars with Extreme N_v/Ly_a Ratios Tend to Have Infrared Excesses?

Advisor:          Michael Strauss

Boryana Hadzhiyska

Fall JP:             Recovering the Tidal Field in the Projected Galaxy Distribution

Advisor:           Michael Strauss

Spring JP:       Generating Initial Conditions in the Post-Recombination Universe

Advisor:           David Spergel

Cheryne Jonay

Fall JP:             MSP Pulse Profiles

Advisor:           Anatoly Spitkovsky

Arianna Lanz

Fall JP:             The Photometric Properties of Dust in the Intracluster Medium

Advisor:            Nick Battaglia

Spring JP:        One Galaxy Population, No Evidence of Two Star Forming Sequences

Advisor:             Renyue Cen


Jin Soo Lim

Fall JP:             Numerical Analysis on the Effect of Orbital Coplanarity in                                                       Transit Survey

Advisor:           Ewin Turner

Spring JP:        Assessment of HSC's Ability to Resolve Host Galaxies of Quasars

Advisor:            Michael Strauss


Katelyn Neese

Fall JP:             Using Annual Modulation to Identify Theories of Dark Matter

Advisor:           Vera Gluscevic (IAS) and Neta Bahcall

Spring JP:        Comparison of Observed and Actual Masses of Giant Molecular Clouds

Advisor:             Eve Ostriker


Tamar Novetsky

Fall JP:             Analyzing the Role of Collisions in [OII] Emissions Using                                                         Laozi Simulations

Advisor:           Renyue Cen

Spring JP:        Physical Decomposition of Sky Spectra from the SDSS BOSS Survey

Advisor:            Michael Strauss

Elias Rubin

Fall JP:             Numerical Simulations of a Self-Gravitating, Isothermal,                                                         Planar Atmosphere

Advisor:           Aaron Skinner and Eve Ostriker

Spring JP:        Using Deep Autoencoders to Learn from Undersampled Data

Advisor:            Robert Lupton, Peter Melchior

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