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Other useful Information for Astro Majors


Regarding courses, JPs, senior thesis, thesis defense – See link on the left; contact Neta Bahcall when needed.

It is imperative that each student verify their university and distribution requirements each term to ensure that all university distribution requirements are satisfied, as well as all the required departmental courses.
No student can graduate without fulfilling all the university distribution requirements.

Each Fall the Astronomy & Physics Departments organize a meeting with all our Seniors to discuss preparation for the Physics GREs, application to grad-schools, and related topics.  Please plan to attend.


Please see the Astrophysics Research Guide  and the Lewis Library website for descriptions of the resources and services available to you at Princeton University. 

Do contact Jane Holmquist, Astrophysics, Mathematics and Physics Librarian, or 609-258-3150 if you have any questions.  Her office is located on the second floor, Room 210, in the Lewis Science Library and you are welcome to stop by at any time!  


If you should have a computer problem or question, please e-mail: help @ Astro.

You will receive a response as soon as possible.


Room 22 and 29 are the Undergraduate offices.  Most seniors are located in Room 29; juniors are located in either room.

The Astrophysics Calendar:

Located on the Astrophysics Website summarizes Astro-related events.  

Tea and Cookies:

Tea and Cookies are in room 8 each weekday at 3:30 PM.  Please join and meet the graduate students for an informal social gathering.

Room Reservations:

Room Reservations can be scheduled for Astro related meetings and events.  Please email to reserve a Peyton Hall room for your meeting/event.   

Please verify room availability on the Astro Calendar prior to requesting, See Calendar.

Fax Machine:

Each student is permitted to use the fax machine (609-258-8226) located in Copier Room 138.  Coversheets are provided next to the machine.

Refrigerator and Microwave:

Both are located outside of Room 33 (lower level) for everyone's use.


Check message FREQUENTLY for announcements, lectures, and Astro events! E-mail messages to and from undergrads use:

If you have any questions please contact us or visit our office.

Prof. Neta Bahcall

Undergraduate Representative

137 Peyton Hall 8-6065

Polly Strauss

Academic Programs Administrator

004 Peyton Hall 8-3803