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Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP)

Every summer, our department runs the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP), in which undergraduates carry out research projects under the supervision of faculty and postdoc advisors. Students who are selected for this paid nine-week internship program (similar to an REU program) can participate in projects with a range of levels of difficulty and sophistication; some even co-author research articles for peer-reviewed journals based on their summer research.  The topics that undergraduate researchers have tackled in the past have spanned all of experimental, observational, and theoretical astronomy. Participating in the summer program is an excellent introduction to research astronomy, and for students interested in majoring in astrophysics it is a great way to learn whether this is something you would like to pursue for a career (many former participants have gone on to graduate school and to careers in astronomy and other sciences).


This year the program will run from June 7 through August 5, 2016. You will be expected to be on campus during this entire period. As a participant in the program you will receive a stipend to cover on-campus housing and other living expenses.  While we welcome students from other institutions with their own
funding to the program, please note that Princeton students are given
priority funding for the USRP.  We encourage non-Princeton students to
apply through Princeton's PSURE Program.

If you would like to apply for the Undergraduate Summer Research Program during the summer of 2016, please submit the following:

1) A brief essay consisting of approximately two paragraphs, no more than one page (reasonable margins, 12-point font).  The first paragraph should briefly describe course-work and/or previous research experiences that you feel are relevant.  The second paragraph should describe why you would like to participate. Please also indicate the subject in which you intend to major and your citizenship.

2) On a separate page please provide a list of the courses you have taken and the grades received (a screenshot from the registrar's website will suffice).

The application materials (in .pdf form) should be emailed to by 11:59pm on February 13, 2016. We will make decisions by early March. Please feel free to contact the program organizers (Aaron Skinner, Nick Battaglia, Andy Goulding, Tim Morton, Elinor Medizinski and Johan Samsing) via email at astro.usrp @