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Bb Mobile Learn


Blackboard Mobile Learn is a mobile application, free to Princeton Blackboard users, that brings two-way teaching and learning to mobile devices and gives students full access to their course information directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Students can:

  • Check grades and assignments
  • Take tests
  • View documents
  • Create threaded discussion posts and comment on blogs and journals
  • Upload content

Instructors can:

  • Update announcements
  • Upload content
  • Create blog and discussion posts
  • Comment on students’ blogs, discussions, and journals
  •  Create Mobile Compatible Tests through the Web-based Blackboard course site that can be taken in the app

Who can use Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile Learn can be downloaded and used by anyone with the following devices:
Android™ devices
BlackBerry® smartphone devices
HP webOS devices
iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™ 

How does an instructor create a Mobile Test or Survey?

Mobile Compatible Tests are create in the Web-based Blackboard site by going to a content area, such as Assignments, Clicking the Create Assessment button, and selecting Mobile Compatible Test. 

Complete Mobile Compatible Tests Instructions

Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Courses

Can students without the Mobile app take the Mobile Compatible Tests?

Definitely, Mobile Compatible Tests maybe taken through the Web Interface.

How can I get help and support for the app?

In-app help, otherwise known as the Bb Mobile Resource Center, can be reached by tapping the "?" before you log in or by tapping the gear icon and then "Help" after you log in.

The Bb Mobile Resource Center contains close to 100 self-serve knowledge base & FAQ articles. Blackboard, Inc. also has an in-house staff handling end user support cases, which can be filed directly from the app or via mentions of our @BbMobileSupport Twitter handle.

This help is available to anyone using the app, including both students and instructors.

One may also contact the Princeton Blackboard help desk at at 609.258.0737 or



Issue:  When the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is used on Android devices that do not have the 2.2 (FroYo Release), you cannot login with a Princeton NetID.  This is because older versions of Android will not accept our CAS ((Central Authentication Service) certificate. 

Work Around:  Upgrade to Andriod 2.2, if your device permits.

Issue:  When the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is used with Sprint devices, you are not logged out automatically when you quit the app, nor do you see logout button.

Work Around:  Use the phone's back button or menu button.

Issue: Ereserves and many other features do not work in Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Work Around: Work Around: Use the Web-based version. Ereserves and some other features are "third-party" add-ons to Blackboard, created by Princeton and others, and not part of the actual Blackboard software, so Blackboard is not able to "mobilize" them.