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About the Bobst Center

The Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice was established in 2000 by a $10 million gift from the Bobst Foundation.  At the ceremony commemorating the founding of the Center, then-Princeton University President Harold Shapiro expressed his hope that "this new Center will play a meaningful role in securing more equitable and harmonious relationships among all peoples of the 21st century."

The Center is a think tank within the Department of Politics, established collaboratively with the Woodrow Wilson School. The Center’s director works closely with the Chair of the Politics Department to establish priorities and draws on the advice of an executive committee composed of five faculty members, including the Chair and the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School ex officio.

Bobst Center Mission Statement

The Center's mission is "to advance the cause of peace, mutual understanding and respect for all ethnic traditions and religious faiths, and justice, both within countries and across national borders."

The Center serves as "a place where high-level and mid-level officials are able to visit … in order to reflect upon their own work and to think about new directions that may be promising." It provides fellowship support for graduate students and faculty members, as well as undergraduates, "permitting them to carry out research on conflicts and strategies for reconciliation in various parts of the world."

Biography: Mrs. Mamdouha S. Bobst