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About Us

The mission of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University is:

  • To offer educational and research programs of the highest quality that will prepare students for leadership positions in the chemical, biochemical, biomedical, and materials industries; academia; and government laboratories.
  • To help define the frontiers of knowledge in modern chemical and biological engineering through intellectual leadership in research and scholarship.
  • To contribute to the nation’s technological leadership by accomplishing research that stimulates the development of new technologies.

Princeton University offered its first courses in chemical engineering in 1922 under the direction of Sir Hugh Stott Taylor. The first doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Princeton was awarded in 1948. In recognition of the increasing role of biotechnology in the chemical engineering discipline, and in our department’s research and curriculum, the department officially became Chemical and Biological Engineering on July 1, 2010.

In mid-2010, our department is comprised of 18 faculty and 3 associated faculty members, 97 graduate students, 120 undergraduate students, and 32 research and technical staff members, including postdoctoral associates. Together, this group comprises a dynamic and vibrant community of researchers, teachers, and scholars.

Message from the Chair

Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos

Welcome to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University. Research in our department is led by an outstanding and diverse group of faculty members, whose areas spanning applied and computational mathematics, biochemical and biomedical engineering, environmental and energy science and technology, materials science and engineering, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and transport phenomena. Information on current research projects is best found on the individual faculty pages, and on the links those contain to faculty research group pages.

Our students are our highest priority. Princeton University continues its tradition as an institution where teaching of the highest quality coexists happily with world-class research that defines the frontiers of knowledge. This is especially the case in Chemical and Biological Engineering, where our faculty of teacher-scholars simultaneously includes recipients of national and international honors for ground-breaking research, as well as award-winning teachers. We encourage you to visit the undergraduate and graduate pages to learn more about our program.

Thanos Panagiotopoulos