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Welcome to the Koel Group. We are interested in chemical and material processes occurring on surfaces. Our research spans photocatalysis, electrocatalysis, nanofabrication, heterogeneous catalysis, atomic design and control of surfaces property. We are also interested in the deposition and growth, chemical modification of interfaces, environmental chemistry of heterogeneous atmospheric processes.

Our research seeks to answer fundamental questions and address problems of considerable technological importance. By bringing to bear all of the instrumentation available in our laboratory, we make detailed investigations of the geometric and electronic structure of surfaces and the adsorbed layers that are formed on them. Much of our current efforts are aimed at characterizing and tailoring novel materials to have unique properties or carry out specific, selective catalytic reactions.  This has involved controlling the growth and morphology of epitaxial metal or oxide overlayers, as well as molecular solids, and semiconducting and superconducting thin films. In particular, we make detailed studies of the nature of the surface chemical bond and explore the connection between electronic and chemical properties of surfaces, establishing new structure-function relationships.