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  • Dream Big - "Water Wishes: Engineering for Those in Need"
    Undergraduate students from Civil and Environmental Engineering participated in a non-profit organization called Engineers Without Borders which partnered the Princeton University chapter with a community in Peru to help build a water system from scratch for the community.
  • Prof. Eric Wood (Photo by David Kelly Crow, Office of Engineering Communications)
    Princeton professor Eric Wood and a team of Princeton engineers have deployed an advanced drought and flood risk monitoring program for environmentally vulnerable regions like Niger and other areas in Africa and in Latin America. The program assimilates weather data that are plentiful but hard to analyze for those on the ground.
  • Senior thesis: Sustainable building with bamboo
    Russell Archer and Lu Lu, who just graduated from Princeton with degrees in civil and environmental engineering, joined forces for their senior thesis. Partnering with a group in Colombia, the students helped analyze and design a bamboo canopy that is sustainable and strong.