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Message from the Department Chair

Peters Photo
Photo: Catherine A. Peters

Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton is a small, dynamic, and growing department, with programs in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources (EEWR) and Mechanics, Materials, and Structures (MMS). Within these programs, and as a department, we continue to work on research problems in areas of national and international importance. These include carbon mitigation and climate change; design and analysis of structures under extreme loading; ecohydrology of water-limited ecosystems with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa; advanced materials for civil engineering applications; atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric dynamics; development of new environmental and structural sensor networks; biogeochemistry of wetlands and riparian environments; retrospective analysis of structures with a focus on design, form, and function; and sustainability of the built and natural environments. In all of these areas, we have faculty members working at the forefront of their fields, and students and research staff who are producing outstanding research.  Through all of these efforts, we are transforming the way we educate our students, and providing unique opportunities for our faculty and students to solve some of the most important societal problems that we face.