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Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

The Environmental Engineering and Water Resources (EEWR) program is an interdepartmental program offered jointly by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Geosciences. Graduate students can enter the EEWR program through either Department. Within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the EEWR program is paired with the Mechanics, Materials and Structures (MMS) program to provide the two main tracks that departmental graduate students can pursue.

The goal of the EEWR program is to train outstanding engineers and scientists and to conduct advanced research in areas that are vital to national and international needs in the areas of environmental engineering and water resources. Because environmental problems are by nature interdisciplinary, the EEWR program includes strong interactions between faculty from a number of engineering and science departments and programs, including the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI), Geosciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, the Woodrow Wilson School, and affiliated faculty from NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

Research within the EEWR program focuses on environmental problems in areas such as ecohydrology, land surface - atmosphere interactions including energy and moisture fluxes and their relationship to large-scale climate modeling, remote sensing of environmental variables such as soil moisture and rainfall intensity, carbon mitigation and climate change, atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric chemistry, the urban environment, and biogeochemistry of contaminated waters. To provide the sound background necessary for conducting significant research and carrying out applications in the area of environmental engineering and water resources, advanced analytical, numerical, and statistical methods are combined with elements of environmental fluid mechanics, chemistry, hydroclimatology, hydrogeology, hydrology, ecology, and water quality.

EEWR faculty research groups